New Photo Gallery Titled ‘Towers, Bridges and Water’

A new night photography gallery has been added in the gallery section. The title is ‘Towers, Bridges and Water’, which pretty much covers what is on the photos.
I have photographed some local water towers. Two are located in Vejle, and they look almost like UFO’s about to land due to their special shape and illumination. One is located in Kolding and has a very special shape that looks great when illuminated at night. The fourth water tower is located in Fredericia and looks like an old watchtower even though it is not that old again (1909).
The two bridges in the gallery are the ‘old’ (1935) and the ‘new’ (1970, so not that new anymore) bridges over Lillebælt. They both look great at night, especially the new one.
Finally there are a couple of photos of a water pumping station located in Fredericia. It is made of rusty iron plates and has a built-in lighting which changes color periodically.