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New Photo Gallery Titled ‘Trees’

A new photo gallery titled ‘Trees’ has been added. This gallery is a collection of photographs of naked trees, all in black and white.
There is just something special and fascinating about the organic look of a naked tree. How the branches are shaped and divided into yet smaller branches giving each tree its distinct shape.

New Photo Gallery Titled ‘Towers, Bridges and Water’

A new night photography gallery has been added in the gallery section. The title is ‘Towers, Bridges and Water’, which pretty much covers what is on the photos.
I have photographed some local water towers. Two are located in Vejle, and they look almost like UFO’s about to land due to their special shape and illumination. One is located in Kolding and has a very special shape that looks great when illuminated at night. The fourth water tower is located in Fredericia and looks like an old watchtower even though it is not that old again (1909).
The two bridges in the gallery are the ‘old’ (1935) and the ‘new’ (1970, so not that new anymore) bridges over Lillebælt. They both look great at night, especially the new one.
Finally there are a couple of photos of a water pumping station located in Fredericia. It is made of rusty iron plates and has a built-in lighting which changes color periodically.

New Photo Gallery Titled ‘Frozen Piers’

A new photo gallery titled ‘Frozen Piers’ has been added in the gallery section. The photos are all black and white and from some cold days back in January 2013. They are shot at different locations in and around the towns of Kolding and Fredericia (Denmark).

New Photo Gallery Titled ‘Coastline’

I have added a new black and white photo gallery titled ‘Coastline’. All the photos in this gallery are of different sceneries at the coast, hence the title. The gallery clearly illustrates my fascination with photographing wooden piers, steel jetties and bridges. Especially grey, cloudy and foggy weather is good for getting that calm and dreamy look I am after.

New Website and Gallery Layout

The layout and photo galleries of have gone trough some recent changes. The overall layout of the website has been updated with a more modern, simplistic and stylish look. The same goes for the new photo galleries.
Until now all photo galleries where sorted into categories using month and year. With the new layout the plan is to instead create photo galleries that are based on certain categories, topics or themes like travel, black and white, landscape, nature etc. Using this approach it should be easier to navigate trough the photos.
I am currently adding these new photo galleries, so the website will be updated often in the coming months. Feel free to visit the new photo gallery page here.

Photo Gallery – Las Vegas 2014

Recently, I was in Las Vegas for two weeks on a business trip, but also had some extra time for sightseeing in the city and the surrounding area, which includes Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and Mount Charleston. I shot a lot of photos during those two weeks, and have now added the best ones to the Las Vegas 2014 photo gallery.