Welcome to pixomino.com. My name is Jesper Johnsen Pedersen, and I am a hobby photographer from Denmark. I have created this site to share my interest in photography, and to display some of my best photos.

My interest in photography started back in 2002 when I bought my first digital camera, a Canon PowerShot S40. With digital photography I suddenly had the possibility to see, review and learn from my photos right away which was a big inspiration.
In 2006 I bought my first digital SLR, a Canon EOS 350D, and that opened a door to a whole new world of possibilities. Still I only used my camera occasionally but that changed in 2009, when I bought my current SLR, a Canon EOS 50D. Now I use a lot of time on this hobby.

I would consider my self mostly a nature and landscape photographer. That is at least where I spend most time with my camera – in nature.
I have two special areas, which I am extra passionate about: One is macro photography, especially dragonflies, an amazing insect species, for which I have created a dedicated photo website called Odonata.dk.
My other passion is what I would call detail or close-up photography. I love zooming in on the small details of the world around me, photographing the beauty of things that might not be obvious to everyone’s eyes.
I also photograph architecture, buildings, bridges and other man made structures and have done some portrait photography. However as photography offers you endless creative possibilities I keep expanding my areas of interest.

Here on pixomino.com you can read news and other photo related articles in my blog, and of course view my photos in the photo gallery. You can also get an overview of the photo equipment I am currently using, and view the locations where I shoot the photos, on a Google map.

You are very welcome to post comments and to contact me via the contact form.

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