Photo Gallery – October 2011

Photo Gallery for October 2011 has been created.

New Photos Added to the September 2011 Gallery

In the early morning before going to work I went to the beach in Fredericia to shoot some sunrise photos. The result can be viewed in the September 2011 gallery.

Photo Gallery – September 2011

Photo Gallery for September 2011 has been created.

A Late Afternoon Visit to Hagenør

One of my favorite locations close to home is Hagenør – a meadow and forest area right at the coast of Lillebælt.

I have been there with my camera several times but not recently, so I drove by the other day on my way home from work. Hagenør is the habitat for several different species of dragonflies, so you can probably guess what I photographed that day.

The result can be viewed in the August 2011 gallery.

An Amazing Dragonfly Week

Before you know it this years dragonfly season will be over, so I take every opportunity I can to get out with my camera.

Last week was actually pretty good with several warm and sunny days, so I went to Rands Fjord as so many times before. I also visited a new place called Fårbjerg just south of Skanderborg. The main reason for going there was to photograph the dragonfly “Aeshna viridis” or Green Hawker which is a rare species here in Denmark.

I succeeded in getting some very good shots of the male, and I also managed to photograph the female even though is was not easy. The female is very good at hiding, and in most cases it spotted me first and flew away.

I have updated the August 2011 gallery with the new photos.

More Photos Added to the August 2011 Gallery

Seems like I am not the only one soon to give up on this summer, one of the rainiest in many years. Also the insects seem to have either left Denmark for warmer places in the south, or simply just drowned and washed away in all the rain. Very soon I will need to find other things to photograph.

Anyway I have added a few new macro photos to the August gallery.

August 2011 Photo Gallery Updated

Have just added some new photos after a trip to Frederikshåb Plantage. Spotted a few species of dragonflies which I have not seen before, but never got the chance to photograph them.

Photo Gallery – August 2011

Photo Gallery for August 2011 has been created.

New Photos Added to the July 2011 Gallery

Even though rain was a much more common sight than sunshine this July, I was able to get out with my camera a couple of times. So I have updated the photo gallery with a few new photos.

As you can see macro photography is still “the new black” to me.

July 2011 Photo Gallery Updated

Today the rain finally took a break and was replaced by some sunshine. So I took the opportunity and went to Rands Fjord with my camera.

I have added the best shots of the day to the July 2011 gallery.