More Dragonfly Photos Added

I have just published my May 2012 photo gallery, and now it has already been updated.

Could not resist going out dragonfly hunting again today, so went to Rands Fjord and shot a few photos of especially the Cordulia aenea (Grøn Smaragdlibel in Danish). This awesome green metallic dragonfly is a very common sight this time of year.

Photo Gallery – May 2012

Photo Gallery for May 2012 has been created.

Spring Colors

A bunch of new photos have just been added to the April 2012 gallery. The many colors of spring are starting to show, both in nature and in my photo gallery.

Photo Gallery – April 2012

Photo Gallery for April 2012 has been created.

Photo Gallery – March 2012

Photo Gallery for March 2012 has been created.

Ice Floes Stacked Up On The Beach

Went by the beach at Trelde Næs this morning to photograph some big stacks of ice floes which have been pushed up onto the beach by the wind. A special sight not very common in this area (is called “isskruninger” in Danish) so it has also been on TV and in some local newspapers (article in “Vejle Amts Folkeblad”, and yes, the photographer shown on the picture is me).

The photos have been added to the February 2012 Gallery.

February 2012 Gallery Updated

The February 2012 Gallery has just been updated with some more winter photos, this time from Kolding Fjord. I have used HDR technique to enhance the dynamic range.

Frozen Sunrise

Here the other day I drove by the beach with my camera early in the morning before sunrise. It has been very cold for some time here in Denmark so the shore was covered in ice.

The resulting photos look like they are from some sort of magical frozen winter wonderland. Have a look in the February 2012 Photo Gallery.

Photo Gallery – February 2012

Photo Gallery for February 2012 has been created.

January 2012 Gallery Updated

A few new photos have been added to the January 2012 Photo Gallery. As can be seen winter has arrived in Denmark. More on that topic very soon when the February 2012 gallery is published.