June 2011 Photo Gallery Updated

Finally the summer has come to Denmark – that is, for a couple of days at least. Nevertheless I seized the opportunity and went out with my camera today visiting Svanemosen.

The warm weather had lured out a lot of dragonflies from their hiding places. I actually spotted several species which I have not seen before – some of them I also managed to photograph. The June 2011 Photo Gallery has been updated with the new photos.

New photo equipment – Manfrotto 680B

Just bought some new photo equipment today: A monopod from Manfrotto called 680B which is a relatively compact 4-section model.

Shooting many macro photos I have experienced that it is often a bit difficult to hold the camera still enough to get super sharp images. It seemed a bit too cumbersome to use a normal tripod to stabilize the camera under these conditions. So I went for a monopod instead.

I have already tried it out in real life for the first time today and it seems okay. It has the stabilizing effect that I was looking for and it is relatively easy to carry around and setup.

New Photos Added to June 2011 Gallery

Have been out shooting with my macro lens a couple of times. The weather has not been that great lately so the amount of insects was a bit limited. Still I got some photos of especially damselflies.

More Photos Added to June 2011 Gallery

Another warm and calm day in Denmark. So I went to Svanemosen, a raised bog (swamp) near Kolding, to photograph insects.

The trip was a huge success. There where a lot of dragonflies, butterflies and other insects in the area and I managed to get very close to many of them. I have added todays best shots to the June 2011 photo gallery.

New photos added

Today it was the most amazing weather. Warm, almost no wind and sunshine from a clear blue sky. Perfect conditions for photographing insects so I went to Rands Fjord (again).

Too bad the large dragonflies where not in a mood to sit still and have their photograph taken. Still I managed to get some good photos home with me. You can view them in the June 2011 photo gallery.

Photo Gallery – June 2011

Photo Gallery for June 2011 has been created.